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Typwriter works by Elena Evgenevny in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s. Sourced and published by the magazine American Chordata, via. h/t Marcin.

A phone performing an audiovisual demo. Made by Работа №3 and presented at Chaos Constructions. Full video here. h/t: Ray Manta

Russian typewriter art from the 1930′s made by Elena Rebinder, who was married with the famous chemist Piotr Rebinder. Scanned by Prozhito. h/t: Gleb Albert.

Another batch of PETSCII-portraits by Otium in this brand new Galza 25 release.

The two character sets of the Soviet Апогей БК-01 home computer. From this video.

Clips from a Robocop-demo by Kakos Nonos for the Soviet 8-bit computer Апогей БК-01. All other computers must die.

Made from this video (apx 20 min in).

Lenin, Putin and Jong-un in PETSCII. By Otium for Galza-23.

Modified typewriter writes photos as alphanumeric text. Made by ::vtol::. Video and info here.

LEF II/6 (1924) [ЛЕФ] (1924), the journal of the Left Front of the Arts.