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Embroidery from Tarnoga in the Arkhangelsk region in Russia.

Embroidery from the Vologda region.

All of the above were made in the late 1800s and early 1900s. (source)

‘Monogram och mönster i korsstygn’ (Göteborg, 1933)
Gamlestadens Fabrikers AB, via.

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Dillmont, Th. de, ed.
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Dillmont, Th. de, ed.
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Kuehn, Heinrich
Vereinigte Stickmuster-Verlage Heft No. 757 Berlin, Heinrich Kuehn, [c. 1900], Via.

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Rouyer, A./ Recuéil de Motifs et d’Alphabets Coloriés pour travaux en tapisserie, No. 401. (Paris,c.1880?). Via.

Square kufic works by Fatima Graham, via. Longstitch, embroidery and needlepoint.