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By Agda Österberg, 1960’s. Images from around the internets.

Amiga ASCII characters by Mortimer Twang, probably mid-1990s.

Amiga ASCII by Desoto, 1995-1996.

By Agda Östeberg in the 1950’s. Images from various sources.

Amiga ASCII by Mortimer Twang, 1995. From several collies released that year.

ASCII by Veronica Karlsson (VK) from here.

Amiga ASCII by Dino, while he was in the infamous Skywalkers graffiti crew. From various collies 2000-2002.

Kråkan (1946) and Tobias (1953) by Ann-Mari Forsberg.

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Rubirosa, flatweave carpet by Marianne Richter, 1958.

C64 BBS logo for Illusion of Reality by Houbba, probably early 1990’s.