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Lotus for James by Sander, 2023. A tribute to James who makes the online PETSCII-editor lvllvl. More of Sander’s PETSCII flowers are available here.

PETSCII graphics by Electric for the demo Skybox (youtube), which I made the music for. Images from the PETSCII World fäceböök group.

Fjällstugan – a PETSCII work by Honcho, 2023.

Visualize word police – a PETSCII by Skleptoid, 2023. via PETSCII WORLD

PETSCII by christwoballs.

C-64 PETSCII-logos by Shine, 2017-2019.

The Sysop is busy at Cottonwood BBS, via Dan James.

A2 PETSCII-poster by Tommi Musturi available here. Comes with an SD-card with music by Goto80 and Josh Bailey.