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Amiga ASCII characters by Mortimer Twang, probably mid-1990s.

Amiga ASCII by Desoto, 1995-1996.

Graffiti-inspired ANSI and ASCII by Smooth (5m), 2020-2021. Some of these have unusually high resolution (160-255 chars wide). via sixteencolors

Amiga ASCII by Mortimer Twang, 1995. From several collies released that year.

From Ascii Graffiti 2 by Dino, 2021. A huge Amiga ASCII colly of more than 16,000 lines. He developed his own figlet fonts for this.

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Amiga ASCII by Dino, while he was in the infamous Skywalkers graffiti crew. From various collies 2000-2002.

Devious Dezigns, Amiga ASCII logo in Shaman by Dvize, 1990s.

Diamond Fever

Diamond Fever, C64 PETSCII by Deekay, 2024.

C64 BBS-graphics by Deekay, made 1994-2013 from what I can tell. Logos for Antidote, Antidote, Datascapes, State of the Art, The Hidden and The Pirate Island.