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Lotus for James by Sander, 2023. A tribute to James who makes the online PETSCII-editor lvllvl. More of Sander’s PETSCII flowers are available here.

By Mavenmob, 2019-2023.

Works by Mavenmob, 2023. Published in the artpack MIST0823 from Mistigris.

Punx. C64 PETSCII by Electric, 2022.

4 byte burger. C64 PETSCII by Christwoballs, 2023. Based on an Amiga pixel art piece by Jack Haeger. The video is a media archeological quest to reconstruct the original.

Pietà. C64 PETSCII by Hein, 2023.

Faun. PETSCII by Electric, 2023.

Country music video kings! via nfolog

PETSCII graphics by Electric for the demo Skybox (youtube), which I made the music for. Images from the PETSCII World fäceböök group.