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C64 BBS logo for Illusion of Reality by Houbba, probably early 1990’s.

PETSCII-logo by Tao for the BBS Virtual Light, online 1996-1998.

C64 BBS graphics for Black Rain (Demozoo-entry) by unknown artist. Made some time before 1993 when the BBS changed its name.

C64 BBS graphics by OEP (One-eyed pirate), probably from the late 80’s and early 90’s. OEP returned to making PETSCII-graphics in 2019.

Bulletin boards: Departure from Reality, Groo’s Place, Stronghold, The Addiction, The Alternate Factor, The Cure, Prism City Exchange and Wasted Warez.

Boulder Dash and Mighty Hunter by Worrior1, 2022. Commodore 64 directory art, which is PETSCII graphics created in filenames, with limitations in charset and colours.

By Absent Spinsister, 2000-2004. The last one is a collaboration with Ansichrist. More Spinsister at sixteencolors.

C64 PETSCII by Worrior1, 2023.

Feelgood and Morph. C64 disk directory art by jab, who used to make ANSI-graphics.

Works by Abstrakt, Alla Xul, Alpha Omega, Crasher, H7 & Devil Angel, Pix, Podsi and Shrimp, released by the 123 ASCII/ANSI group 2002-2004.

Cee u next Tuesday by Aesthetic of Blocktronics, 2022.