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C64 BBS logo for Illusion of Reality by Houbba, probably early 1990’s.

ASCII-works by D. Hopper, who’s been previously featured. It seems like he only had six-month stab at ASCII art in 1991/1992?

Ad for the RCTI’s teletext (teleteks) service. Launched in 1994, it was the first teletext service in Indonesia.

PETSCII-logo by Tao for the BBS Virtual Light, online 1996-1998.

C64 BBS graphics for Black Rain (Demozoo-entry) by unknown artist. Made some time before 1993 when the BBS changed its name.

ASCII made with the proportional Arial font for AOL by dair, gumby, kione, triped and xkurdtx circa 1998. source


By Yvonne Adams, 1991-1993.

Coloured ASCII by Lorrie Carrington (lc), late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Her work is available in various archives without colour, but they were in colour on her own website. HTML supports millions of colours (although a 256-limit was good for compatibility at the time), so it looks a bit different from classic ASCII and ANSI that uses 8 or 16 colours.

Other ASCII-artists also used HTML-colour. See for example Joan Stark and Allen Mullen. Maybe there was a lot of colourful ASCII that was only preserved without colour…

Famous paintings in coloured HTML ASCII by Allen Mullen, probably from the first half of the 1990’s. Originals by Da Vinci, Dali, Michaelangelo, Monet, Brueghel, Raphael, Van Gogh and Vermeer.

More info and graphics here.