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Microsoft Font Assistant (1993), via

The ZZT-game Mario Bros by Bill Meeks, 1995. via worldsofzzt

Acecaves by Prakash Padole (1994)
[ACECAVES.ZZT] – Room of the KEY!
Download / Explore acecave.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Chemins by Henri Chopin, 1993. via garadinervi

In 1995 some countries started to broadcast a new British teletext protocol called level 2.5. Likely inspired by the French Antiope standard, it had more colours (4016 instead of 7) and redefinable characters. Few people ever saw it, because if your TV didn’t support it you would just see the classic level 1.

But now ZXGuesser has extracted level 2.5 teletext data from VHS-tapes and figured out how to display it. So the first image shows level 2.5 and the second shows level 1, both taken from this tweet.

Various blue music software for DOS: Composer 669 (1992), Multitracker (1993), HSC Tracker (1994), Surprise Adlib Tracker (1995).

ASCII/ANSI by Exude 1998 for Mistigris (@mistfunk). via. 

Part of an ASCII by Axel Barebones for Remorse/Acid,  re-published in Mistigris 9803.