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Acecaves by Prakash Padole (1994)
[ACECAVES.ZZT] – Room of the KEY!
Download / Explore acecave.zip on the Museum of ZZT
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Legends of the Hidden Temple by Chris Kohler (1994)
[LEGENDS.ZZT] – Title screen
Download / Explore legends.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Two maxed out teletext pages from December 10th, 1994. Resurrected by Jason Robertson.

Style n Go 3.0 by Skin (1994)

From the Amiga ASCII collection Chainsaw Carnage by Stylez, 1994.

NuKE’s Randomic Life Generator (1994) Virus Creation Tool by Azrael / Argentin, via.

TextFighter, an Apple II-game by Bret Victor, 1994. “A full featured arcade-style fighting game that uses only text characters and runs on any Apple II.”

By Karma, an influential artist in the Amiga ASCII scene. Taken from a few different ASCII collections, released 1994-1996. The logos read Slammer, Razor 1911, Mellow Illusion, Aneurysm and Legend.