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Nokia ringtones teletext ads from 2001, recovered by the teletext archeologist.

Big ASCII print in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by James Athurman.


Alive Software’s very pretty Summer 1996 catalog. From ALIVECAT.exe

Ads in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1873-1874 found by Paul Soulellis. ASCII advertising was quite popular at the time, and these are almost like concrete poetry advertising?

In the 1870′s, Brooklyn Furniture Company spent more on ads than any other furniture company. And they did plenty of text graphics!

More in this ASCII-detective story.

Calbee launched a new snack in April with ASCII art on the cover. Promoted with absurd videos like this, about sending W’s to the world and make them happy? More here.

h/t akaobi

Music ads for Grace Jones and The Pogues on Oracle teletext 1986/87, via Teletext Art.

ASCII-style typewriter art in a 1944 ad for correspondence schools. From here, via ascii-art

Big ASCII from an HTC ad shot in São Paulo, Brazil 2012. Video here.