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Ad for the RCTI’s teletext (teleteks) service. Launched in 1994, it was the first teletext service in Indonesia.

Ad for the Scanset XL terminal in BYTE Magazine, 1983. h/t: Tim Koch

Ads for the American service Time Teletext (1981-1983).

From the press kit to Gateway, an American videotex service by Times Mirror, 1984-1986.

Time Teletext was a US teletext service, 1981-1983. Compared to common British teletext, Time offered smooth vector graphics with the NAPLPS-standard (common in American videotex). Time used satellite and cabe cable, so it had more pages and a better frame than other teletext. That paved the way for teletext games sucha as Dire Straits and Outer Space Zoo. The games turned out to be more popular than the news, which was not what Time was hoping for with their $25,000,000+ investment…

Braintree was branded with Courier ASCII art back in 2014/2015 with ads, posters, videos, games, etc. We’ve posted about before. More images and videos available in Jason Rosenberg’s posts here and here.

By Benoît Brun, 2016 and 2023. h/t: TYPE01

The source code for the Braintree Payments website in 2014/2015 contained URLs in the shape of ASCII art. The URLs led to ASCII-inspired games, made by Unit9. Video.

More Braintree ASCII-stuff here and here and here.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, composed of 17,000 monotype characters and a tinted background in the shape of the head (1935). source

Nokia ringtones teletext ads from 2001, recovered by the teletext archeologist.