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From the press kit to Gateway, an American videotex service by Times Mirror, 1984-1986.

Note that the ad is for the videotex service, not teletext.

Keyfax was the US version of the British Ceefax teletext. It was launched in 1982 but was shut down already by 1984, partly due to problems with getting the British teletext decoders approved in USA. Instead, Keyfax became a videotex service in Chicago and changed from the British standard to the American NAPLPS. But that failed too and Keyfax went bust in 1986. More info.

Post updated in 2024.

Viewtron videotex system. Picture by DCvision2006 who dates the photo to 1980, but Viewtron was launched in 1983 according to Wikipedia.

Minitel/Tumblr Time Tunnel by NYC Resistor (2013)

Page from Snapshots by Mary Beams. Made with Norpak Telidon terminal in the early 80s. Image from the article Graphics Artistry On Line in BYTE Magazine 1983-07.

Teletext roundup ● Modcomp Profile ● US Videotext Scene

Could’ve been a demo party, but it’s the North American Videotex, 1985.

TV ads for the Viewtron videotex service by Knight-Ridder and AT&T, 1983-1986.

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Student work by Robertson Adams, 1980s. The first image was made with an AT&T Frame Creation Terminal 100. Unknown source.

Telidon/NAPLPS ads created for Bank of America (1982) by John Vaughan at The Communication Studio. More examples on his Youtube channel. In 2019 he posted more graphics and info on his blog.


Toxic Wastes from A to Z (coming after you and me) by John Fekner is a parody of a children’s alphabet learning aid which runs alphabetically through a list of toxic pollutants. Martin Nisenholtz invites John Fekner, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and others to experiment with an early interactive computer graphics system (Telidon) at New York University’s Alternate Media Center (Interactive Telecommunications Program). Fekner received his first international award at Toronto’s Video Culture Festival in the Videotex category.