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From Commodore’s christmas demo from 1982, that combines PETSCII and pixel graphics.

An interactive videotex art work, part of A Hummer’s campaign to run for mayor of Toronto, 1982. A Hummer ended up at 2nd place with 10% of the votes. More here.

‘Code Poems’ by Hannah Weiner (1982)

Scott E Fahlman suggests a use of :) and :( in September, 1982. This happened on a bulletin board at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. It caught on pretty fast, and in November there were already several variations.

There are many earlier examples of smilies, but this is likely what popularized emoticons as we know them today.

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#Teletext for All. Mark Cook’s’advertising flyer dating from c.1982, via.

In November 1981 in UK, Kenneth Baker, the Minister for Information Technology, proclaimed 1982 as “Information Technology Year, IT-82.” to support for the use of IT, like teletext and viewdata. Via

Back to Nature (1982) Commodore videogame, via.

Casio FX-700P Programmable Calculator (1982) Character set.