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PETSCII video by Ailadi, 2023. Rosie Tucker – Hot Spring.


Plotted textmode graphics (modified PETSCII) by Lykerex, 2024.

Formula PETSCII, a C64-demo by Performers, 2022.

Works by Abi Rama (Lykerex), 2024, using modified PETSCII.

PETSCII by PunksDistorted, 2024. Uses the PET-font, not C64.

Estás obsoleta, an ongoing exhibition by Raquel Meyers in Cartagena, Spain. See the video work here.

Retrogame Issues, a short film by Barcelona-based All In Pixel, 2023. It was made in lvllvl using PETSCII (and some other character sets in the face glitch animation).

PETSCII by Max Capacity, 2011.

The results are in for the First International Computer Drawn Dragon Contest, 1979! These are all PETSCII-graphics made on the Commodore PET. The winner, Tom Weller from Berkeley, California, typed these graphics by hand as PRINT statements in BASIC. The other contributions were made by Steve and Tom Wuttke, 9 and 12 years old.

From Recreational Computing Vol 8, Issue 43, November 1979.