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Frog! by Bob Carr, 1980. PETSCII-game running on the PET computer.

Dromeda (aka Andromeda) by Bob Carr, 1980. PETSCII-animation running on the PET computer.

CBM 8032 AV by Robert Henke (Monolake) with Anna Tskhovrebov. An audiovisual performance by five computers from 1980, that premiered last month. More CBM/PET-stuff can be found here. Photos by Mihály Podobni & renders by Alma Steinberg.

The 10PRINT program running on a Commodore PET, posted by Trammel Hudson, @qrs. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1));:GOTO 10

Abre los ojos – an audiovisual treat by oobc running in PETSCII textmode on a Commodore PET model from 1980. Video here.

Virtual reality in PETSCII on a PET, with stereoscopic goggles built from two iPhones. Made by Michael Hill, based on his PETpix from 2012.

via hackaday

Streaming live video from iPhone to PET 2001, by commodorez.

Me on a 40 column green screen from a Commodore PET 2001, rendered in PETSCII (an extended ASCII character set).  This was streamed live from an iPhone to a processor in the middle that then send the graphics live to the PET 2001 itself.  I’m the vaguely human shape on the left with the derby hat on, hiding behind my camera.

PETSCII kaleidoscope from Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine July 1979. h/t: Tim Koch. Reminds me of In A Loop by Ate Bit.

Rain Dance, a demo for Commodore PET made by Bob Carr, 1980. Good stuff!

PETSCII by iLKke for the Orb‘s Commodore PET demo (2010)