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The results are in for the First International Computer Drawn Dragon Contest, 1979! These are all PETSCII-graphics made on the Commodore PET. The winner, Tom Weller from Berkeley, California, typed these graphics by hand as PRINT statements in BASIC. The other contributions were made by Steve and Tom Wuttke, 9 and 12 years old.

From Recreational Computing Vol 8, Issue 43, November 1979.

Graphic Variations on Telidon by Pierre Moretti, 1979 or 1980. Telidon was a Canadian videotex service with textmode and vector graphics and Moretti was the first professional artist to work with Telidon.

Video saved here, just in case. Previously featured here.

BAMBI versus GODZILLA, by Dave Brett for the VT100 terminal. A comment on the video mentions seeing it in 1980, so this post is dated to 1979.

It’s based on an animation from 1969 by Marv Newland. This and other VT100-animations are available at textfiles.com.

Ken Morley made text-mode animations on the PET-computers. Here’s two from 1979. Phuzzy & Wuzzy go to the moon, is similar to the earlier The Canadians make it to the moon! aka Flight, released in Cursor #12, 1979. A trip to Hawaii (1979) was released in Cursor #15. See the C64-version here.

African 8-bit ASCII, or more correctly: ISO 6438, first registerred in 1979. This was based on a Western attempt to create a phonetic alphabet for many African languages. ISO 6438 was rarely used.

Daphil 2, 1979. Mixed media on metal by Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski. h/t Tim Koch. via 

The Wonder Wheel in The Warriors looks sort of like ASCII.


PETSCII kaleidoscope from Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine July 1979. h/t: Tim Koch. Reminds me of In A Loop by Ate Bit.

Demo software that came with DOS 3.2 for Apple II, 1979. Author unknown.

Datavision, Swedish videotex service (1979)