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A beer animation for the VT100 terminal. Unknown author and date. More VT100 here and here.

BAMBI versus GODZILLA, by Dave Brett for the VT100 terminal. A comment on the video mentions seeing it in 1980, so this post is dated to 1979.

It’s based on an animation from 1969 by Marv Newland. This and other VT100-animations are available at textfiles.com.

The first image shows a ROM-dump of the font in the classic terminals VT100 and VT220. The second image is how they appear on screen. The difference is more than just aspect ratio. Look at letters like q and p: pixels are sometimes doubled, sometimes tripled. The fascinating explanation is here.

Twilight Zone, an ASCII-animation made for the VT100 terminal by Rudy Borkowski 1983-1984. In a comment on the video he writes:

I am the creator of the VT100 TwilightZone. (I also did one for The Outer Limits which, if I recall, has my name printed at the end). I created it by writing a program in Basic in VAX/VMS to emit the entire escape sequence into a file that could then be “printed” out to the screen. I did this either in 1983 or 1984. I was working at RCA Government Communications Systems Division at the time. For a few years I kept a copy of the original code but then on some job transition I lost all the code I wrote at RCA. That entire sequence simply came out of my imagination and desire to have fun with cursor addressing, which was a bit of a hobby of mine at the time.

The video is archived here. More VT100 can be found at textfiles.com.

CowBoom aka Exploding Cow. Animation for the VT100 terminal by an unknown author.