C64 BBS logo for Illusion of Reality by Houbba, probably early 1990’s.

PETSCII-works by jab, 2021-2023.

ASCII-works by D. Hopper, who’s been previously featured. It seems like he only had six-month stab at ASCII art in 1991/1992?

Shift-JIS graphics by various artists 2024, based on Tales of Symphonia.

Turkish teletext pages shown after hours on Show TV, taken from this video. Unknown year.

F Like France, possibly by Marylene Delbourg-Delphis. Minitel graphics with custom characters (DRCS) on a Honeywell Videotex System. Published here in 1988.

AMSCII-works by Jab, Illarterate and Rexbeng for the Amstrad AMSCII compos 2022 and 2023.

Teletext pages from Extravision, an Antiope teletext service on KNXT-TV in Los Angeles (owned by CBS). These black & white photos are from the early trials, ca 1981. The full Extravision service began in 1983.

Adapter Mono, a monospaced variable font by Rosetta, 2024. Weight, slant and italicization (!?) can be modified, which is unusual for a monspaced font. It is pan-European and has characters for text graphics. Rosetta offers other variable fonts, supporting many other scripts.

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