Nadine (Lady Luck), 1991. Perhaps she is referring to Yvonne Adams?

Typewriter works by Robin Tomens, 2024.

Works by Vivek Thakker, 2022-2024. via TYPE01

Very brutal pinball! Pinball King by Mike Shaw, an MZ-700 game published by Kuma in the 1980s, I suppose. via MZ Sharpworks

Prextend was an improvement of the graphics on Prestel. Colours and font size could now be changed without including an empty character (just like with Minitel/Antiope). via

ASCII by Rowan Crawford (Row), 1993-1994.

Retrogame Issues, a short film by Barcelona-based All In Pixel, 2023. It was made in lvllvl using PETSCII (and some other character sets in the face glitch animation).

Picture Prestel was an experimental feature of the videotex standard Prestel. It was demonstrated in 1980 but never implemented. Images from here and here (a great video explainer).

MZ-700 graphics made in 2020 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.