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African 8-bit ASCII, or more correctly: ISO 6438, first registerred in 1979. This was based on a Western attempt to create a phonetic alphabet for many African languages. ISO 6438 was rarely used.

Yoruba shawl cloth from the 1950s, via.

Made by the Kuba people of Zaire. via

Made in the Kuba Kingdom in Africa. They are sometimes called Children of Woot because they believe in a supernatural being called Woot.

Detail from a 1.2 meter beaded mask. Made in Western Cameroon. via

Ewe cloths from Ghana (Karun Collection)

Ndebele house paintings from South Africa. A style developed after the Ndebele started fighting with the European farmers in 1883. Wikipedia:

These wall paintings done by the women of the Ndebele was their secret code to their people, disguised to anyone but the Ndebele.

Bonwire Kente Weaving Village (Ghana).

West African textiles from the 19th Century (Karun Collection)

Africa Cotton Ashanti weavings, from the Karun Collection.