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Rubirosa, flatweave carpet by Marianne Richter, 1958.

Woven Navajo rug with a pictorial bird design, from here. Estimated to be mid 1900s.

From Fun With Your Typewriter, a book by Madge Roemer from 1956. Half of the book consists of detailed instructions on how to produce the works, sort of like software for humans. We covered the book back in 2012 but since then the book has been made available on archive.org thanks to Marcin Wichary. <3

Examples from Bruno Munari‘s Curve di Peano series (1970’s) and the Negativo Positivo series (1950’s).

ASCII-portraits of Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson made with a UNIVAC in 1957. via (Technically not ASCII since it didn’t exist, but perhaps EBCDIC) h/t: Marcin Wichary

Typewritten fonts by Murielle Rouleau (top, using only m) and Julius Nelson (bottom, using X and _). From Today’s Secretary 1950-1951. Scanned by Marcin Wichary.

Seine, oil on wood by Ellsworth Kelly 1951, with a study. The physicist Brian Gin-ge Chen discusses the painting in terms of diffusion, predictable randomness, geography, lottery, percolation, etc:

Rectangles were placed according to numbers drawn out of a hat!

Each of the first 41 columns contains one more black
rectangle than the one to its left.
Each of the next 40 following columns contains one more
white rectangle than the one to its left.

Richard Paul Lohse ‘15 systematische Farbreihen mit’ (1955-69)

From the manual for Flow-Matic, for one of the first computers: UNIVAC. source

“On The Road” Scroll 
In April 1951, Kerouac taped together eight twenty-foot strips of teletype paper to from a single scroll some 127 feet long. Feeding it into a portable typewriter.