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Kråkan (1946) and Tobias (1953) by Ann-Mari Forsberg.

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Rubirosa, flatweave carpet by Marianne Richter, 1958.

Paper weaving by Naum Gabo displayed at Guggenheim in New York, via Catskill Weaving School.

Woven Navajo rug with a pictorial bird design, from here. Estimated to be mid 1900s.

Study Rug by Anni Albers, based on the original design from 1926.

Rugs by Inigo Elizalde.

Works by Elsa Pärs-Berglund, made 1974-1984. Photos from her exhibition at Röhsska, Gothenburg.

Works by Josefin Gäfvert.

Hannah Ryggen – Blod i gresset (1966). A reaction to the Vietnam War. Lyndon B. Johnson and his dog on the right.