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Lite-Brite, originally from 1967 and still produced today. h/t: Ray Manta

By Timm Ulrichs, published in Anthologie zur Visuelle Poesie, 1968.

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US-A by John J. Sharkey, 1969. Sharkey edited Mindplay: An anthology of British concrete poetry, available at archive.org.

L’enseigne de Gersaint by Jiří Kolář, 1966. Each page is titled after a person, like Albers, Dubuffet, Kandinsky, Kemeny, Klee, Malevich, Miró, Schwitters and Tinguely. All pages available here.

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“[pierre/鳩]” [rock/pigeon]

“[coq/桜]” [cock/cherry blossom]

“Shizu me ru tera 沈める寺” [Sinking Temple]

All works by Niikuni Seiichi & Pierre Garnier, 1966-1977, taken from Interlingual Encounter in Pierre Garnier and Niikuni Seiichi’s French-Japanese Concrete Poetry by Elaine S. Wong, 2015.


By Jurriaan Schrofer, perhaps in the 1960s? Via Maurice Meilleur.

Jurriaan Schrofer’s stamps for the Netherlands, 1969. The text celebrates 50 years of International Labor Organization (IAO). More images and info in Maurice Meilleur’s excellent research.

Hannah Ryggen – Blod i gresset (1966). A reaction to the Vietnam War. Lyndon B. Johnson and his dog on the right.

Stempeltext by Ferdinand Kriwet, 1963. via Paul Prudence (via Tim Koch)