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By Timm Ulrichs, published in Anthologie zur Visuelle Poesie, 1968.

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DIVISON by Matt DesLauriers, 2023. Made with Art1, a software made by Richard Williams in 1968, used by Frederick Hammersley, Katherine Nash and others. The punched cards contain the input that generates the art work.

Also see Eric Furst’s page on Art1.

Text graphics by Manfred Schroeder at Bell Labs in 1968. For the cover of the exhibition catalogue for Some More Beginnings organised by Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) at the Brooklyn Museum. h/t: Tim Koch

Alfazoo by Alfredo De Santis, 1968.

Poem Field #7 by Stanley VanDerBeek and Kenneth C. Knowlton, 1968. Text-based computer animation made in Bell Labs.

Kitty by N Konstantinov and others, 1968.

A group of russian physicists and mathematicians with N.Konstantinov in the head of it created mathematic model of the cat and its moving and realized this model in the program for the computer “BESM-4”. Computer printed hundreds of frames on the paper using alphabet symbols and then they were converted to the cinefilm.


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