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Playlist with all 10 videos from 5alad’s album Low Res. Graphics, 2010. Videos here. Mostly PETSCII-graphics running on C64 or Plus/4, programmed in BASIC and manually synchronized to the music.

By Mònica Losada using Excel and an online cross-stitch pattern generator. From her Instagram.

Arm Ram by Francoise Gamma, 2023. Textmode vibes, sort of.

Recent PETSCII works by Raquel Meyers.

From Betathing‘s ASCII video for The Working Man by Goto80. Full video here.

Flan con napalm, a new book by Borja Crespo and Raquel Meyers.

ASCII eating by Mario Duran (betathing).

By betathing.

Computer printed ASCII-portraits by Jaume Estapa, 1968-69. Some of the earliest examples of this, after Mona Lisa (1964). More info here, more 1960′s ASCII here.