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There weren’t many active PETSCII-artists in the 00’s but the prolific Dutch demoscener JSL more than made up for it. He released tons of animated movies, often programmed in C64 BASIC. Although his naive and sometimes obscene style is not for everyone, his work deserves documentation nevertheless.

His first animated PETSCII came in 2002 with First Demo, Visitors 1-3 and RTR Loves Pussy. In 2003 he made Ninja 2 and Resident Evil.

Put down by harsh feedback, he took a break in 2004 only to return in full force in 2005.

Resident Evil 2, 2005.

Band of Brothers, 2005

The same year he also put out Anaconda, the Basic JSL pack and Some JSL stuff (including his own tool). This was followed by Indiana Jones (2006), Basic JSL II (2007), Porn Pack 1-3 (2007-2008), the over-the-top GODS (2009), Jokes (2010) and Basic JSL III (2010).

He returned in 2013 with More Petsci Stuff and was surprised by the response. “How come ppl download this 90x times, is there something special about Petsci graphics..?” This was the year when PETSCII was becoming popular in the C64 demoscene again. He released a few more things that year – More Petscii 2-4, Faces Petscii, Evil Dead and Xmas Petscii Demo. After that, it seems like the only PETSCII-stuff he released was in Christmas Mixed Pack 2017. I could have missed something though, because he has something like 900 releases?!

Other JSL posts

Playlist with all 10 videos from 5alad’s album Low Res. Graphics, 2010. Videos here. Mostly PETSCII-graphics running on C64 or Plus/4, programmed in BASIC and manually synchronized to the music.

The 10PRINT program running on a Commodore PET, posted by Trammel Hudson, @qrs. 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1));:GOTO 10

Generative patterns made in Amstrad BASIC by Rob Manuel (of @yorecomputer fame). Posted at b3ta.com, h/t @calmdownkidder.

“From a 1988 Polish computer magazine” / @mwichary.

Chrdius, a Gradius-like game in text mode. Made in Petit Computer – a BASIC-environment for Nintendo DS.

h/t: 4mat

A Star Trek episode recreated in C64 BASIC by James Gaither, 1986. The sound was obviously added later.

Mini-Quadro, a C64 BASIC game by Michael Scheuner with PETSCII that looks like cross-stitch. From the German magazine 64’er, july 1990.