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によるイース2オープニングデモ by かねごん, 2018. A five-minute demo in 34 kilobytes, running on the MZ-700. Full video.

Maakhaven Display, designed by Lennarts & De Bruijn 2018.

50 vogels – a project to print 50 birds each with 16×16 LEGO pieces. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijn van der Blom, 2018. Prints are available to buy, and a book is coming in October. More info available here.

via printmag

Street art by Pejac, via collosal

ANSI by Filth of Blocktronics, via sixteencolors.

1 year of PETSCII-bots in 4,5 seconds by Cal Skuthorpe.

Nail’s ANSI-version of Tom Waits’ Bone Machine album cover, via sixteencolors.

ANSI by Misfit & The Creep Fever, 2018. 225 characters wide. Original image from 16colors, found via their Instagram.