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Lite-Brite, originally from 1967 and still produced today. h/t: Ray Manta

Boreddosapes by mtdos, 2021. Nice combo of blocky fonts and softer tiles.

Grão, Details of a Larger Nature by Pedrita, 2007.

Pavilhão by Pedrita, 2016.

Lost and Found by Pedrita, 2018.

Also see this.

Ancient mosaic floors in Pompeii, made sometime before 79 AD. Most photos by cool man!

50 vogels – a project to print 50 birds each with 16×16 LEGO pieces. Made by Roy Scholten and Martijn van der Blom, 2018. Prints are available to buy, and a book is coming in October. More info available here.

via printmag

Floors in Paris; @parisianfloors on Instagram.

Floors and walls by Javier Deriba.

Cone mosaic in Uruk, Mesopotamia, 3000 BC.


By Joe Winograd (on Tumblr).