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Works by kurogao, 2024.

By Shunsuke Takawo, 2023.

Emoji Sheriff is a meme from 2017, started by Brandon Wardell. More at knowyourmeme. Didn’t know about this when the dude made the rounds. You might also like this one from 1904.

“A dude”, 1886. Published in the poetry section of the January issue of The Undergraduate, Middlebury’s newspaper. Source, via.


Chariton Courier, Keytesville, Missouri, December 23, 1904

Hey let’s call this the first Unicode art because it combines “emojis” and typographical characters?

Glenn Fleishman found a 1916 emoji story in this book.

The original emoji set, made by Shigetaka Kurita for DoCoMo in 1999 (top image, now in MOMA). The other images are from the 2001-version, which Monica recently turned into a font that you can use for free.