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Typewriter works by Robin Tomens, 2024.

Works by Vivek Thakker, 2022-2024. via TYPE01

Retrogame Issues, a short film by Barcelona-based All In Pixel, 2023. It was made in lvllvl using PETSCII (and some other character sets in the face glitch animation).

MZ-700 graphics made in 2020 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.

A thread called Signpost Gentleman, that ends with Signpost Girls who have a lot less clothes.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Works by kurogao, 2024.

ASCII Art Archive by Jiyoung Kim, 2023. Illustrates the most searched questions for 2022 with ASCII art by AsH / BoD / bug (Blazej Kozlowski) / cgmm / Colin Douthwaite / dp (David Palmer) / ejm97 / Grp / hectoras / hh / hjw (Hayley Jane Wakenshaw) / jgs (Joan Stark) / joil’99 / LGB (lgbeard) / LS (Lennert Stock) / mx (myflix) / Normand Veilleux / pjb (Peter Bier) / pb / Shimrod / Snd (Shanaka Dias) / SSt (Sebastian Stöcker) / Susie Oviatt / S@yaN / Tua Xiong / TwelveStepJesus / Valkyrie / VK (Veronica Karlsson).

Clips from works by Genresis, 2024. See them in full here.