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Voltra, an audiovisual treat in 1 kilobyte (!) of Javascript code, without any library or dependencies. Made by p01. Run the demo here. Full source code:

c.style.width=c.style.height=`100%`,c.style.position=`fixed`,document.body.style.background=`radial-gradient(#023,#000)`,document.body.style.font=`0 a`;for(x=0;x{for(u=o.outputBuffer.getChannelData(0),d=Math.sin(m/32),e=Math.cos(4*Math.cos(4*d)),f=Math.sin(4*Math.cos(4*d)),c.width=12*64,c.style.transform=`perspective(64vh)rotate3d(0,1,${f},${m/8}deg)scale(${1+(m/96)**64})`;a/64+64>(4*b[i-1]+b[i]*2+b[i++])^1.01*Math.random())i=a++%2048;for(i=y=0;y

Javascript tool to build dashboards in ASCII/ANSI. Or other applications, if you want. Blessed Contrib by Yaron Naveh, via blocktronics.

The code you see, is what runs the show. A one kilobyte self-replicating Javascript program. The GIF is a bit sloppy, check it out live here.

MZ-700 on Java Applet / ActionScript 3.0 “MZ-Memories”
Programmed by Takeshi Maruyama.
Play games like EUGEA by Kazuhiro Furuhata (1989,2003).

Candy Box 2, an online ASCII game by Aniwey (2013). Rewards inactivity!


Candy Box 2 is built in HTML 5 and has a number of nice features, like “save slots.” The game’s source code is released free under the GNU General Public License GPLv6 and there’s a wiki and FAQ. The game is created in typescript (javascript), along with HTML and CSS. Give the game a try here. -LT

Animal Romantics (2013).
Released today, this is an online maxi-single with visuals in Javascript PETSCII. Made by Raquel Meyers, evilpaul and Goto80 with remixes by Limonious, Dr. Vector, The Toilet, Steve and Ljudit Andersson. Released at Chipflip for the Wrong Biennale.

Check it out: CHIPFLIP.ORG/07 (new URL)

(pro tip: insert your own text & send romantic messages to ur friends)