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Crocodile going through his day.

Screens from the Chinese BBS Lilac, 2013. Screenshot by fcambus. h/t NO CARRIER.

In Utero, by David Černý, 2013. Photos from here.

The Ohio state flag and a pirate flag (by Joan Stark) with a coded wave effect by Sam Carrettie.

By Glow, 2017.

876 by François Van Damme, 2013. h/t @minusbaby.

Cash is Queen and The Change (Saturday Night Fever Version) by Casper Johansson, 2013. Made with rubber stamps.

Amen Break chardonnay wine, with the famous beat sequenced in ASCII. Also available as Pinot Noir.

Gradient with Chinese text characters by 19.

A website to create your own teletext graphics while listening to suitable teletext muzak. Made by Matt Round, 2013. Try it out here.