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So the iOS source code apparently contained an ASCII pony by Joan Stark. via partytimeHXLNT

The Ohio state flag and a pirate flag (by Joan Stark) with a coded wave effect by Sam Carrettie.

Cheshire Cat by Joan Stark, 1996.

ASCIIQuarium, a perl-script by Robobunny with graphics mostly by Joan Stark. There are screensaver versions for OSX and Win. GIF made from this video by Mewbies.

Totem Pole by Joan Stark, July 1997.

Carousel horse by Joan Stark (jgs), 1998.

ASCII lightnings by Michele Cerulli (MC), Joan Stark (jgs), Dave Bird and unknown. From retrojunkie (broken, un-archived link).

-=[ Easter design ]=-  3/01 by joan stark

-=[rabbits]=- 8/97  by Joan Stark

-=[ cat at the computer ]=-  4/97 by Joan Stark