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ASCII works by b’ger (Joris Bellenger), 1996.

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Russian teletext on Channel 31, Moscow, 1996, via coub

From СИСТЕМА ТЕЛЕТЕКСТ, a document about the Russian teletext standard GOST R 50861-96 from 1996 (updated in 2017). It almost looks like it was drawn by hand?

PETSCII-logo by Tao for the BBS Virtual Light, online 1996-1998.


Alive Software’s very pretty Summer 1996 catalog. From ALIVECAT.exe

Cheshire Cat by Joan Stark, 1996.


ANSI art I did for the company BBS where I used to work at in 1996. I really enjoyed doing that font which explains why I’ve used it on a few different pieces.

Link X by Alexei Shulgin, 1996. Early classic net.art. Read more at Online Museum. The original work is still available here.

8088 State nfo-file, 1996.

“The best in classic warez”


ASCII by b’ger, 1996.