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Leoniads Wants a Spear, a browser game by Karu & Adel Faure, 2019 using Adel’s Jgs font. More posts.

A very sheep game by Adel Faure, 2022 using his Jgs font. And a very cheap gif. Runs in the browser. More posts.

A very bold character, a short textmode game for the browser by Adel Faure, 2024.

Frog! by Bob Carr, 1980. PETSCII-game running on the PET computer.

Doom running in teletext, playable with the remote control. By lukneu. GitHub. h/t: Zden, René

The ZZT-game Mario Bros by Bill Meeks, 1995. via worldsofzzt

Operation Gamma Velorum. ZZT-game for DOS by Quantum P, 2002. via worldofzzt

Acecaves by Prakash Padole (1994)
[ACECAVES.ZZT] – Room of the KEY!
Download / Explore acecave.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

If We Were Allowed To Visit is a poetry/ascii/game that you play in the browser. Made by Gemma Mahadeo (poet) and Ian MacLarty (game designer). More here. h/t: Tim Koch

From Asciicker, a 3D ASCII/ANSI-style game by Gumix. Try it out at asciicker.com or check the video in HD. It’s still a work in progress.