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Max Cooper – Symphony in Acid. Video by Ksawery Komputery.

Punx. C64 PETSCII by Electric, 2022.

Device 1 by Andreas Gysin, 2022. Custom software (Javascript, WebGL), variable dimen desions. Available in crisp pixels here.

“The 2021 Make a Neat ZZT Board Contest-Jam Type Thing Compilation” by 12 Entrants, 4 Judges, KKairos, WiL and Zinfandel (2022). From Museum of ZZT, via their Tumblr

Unexpected Value by SanderFocus, 2022. Uses the PETSCII charset.

PETSCII graphics by Electric for the demo Skybox (youtube), which I made the music for. Images from the PETSCII World fäceböök group.

There’s something about Mary. A PETSCII-piece by Hein, 2022.

Performing ASCII Surgery. Amiga ASCII by Abstrakt. Via asciiarena.se