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Timm Ulrichs, in «edition et» no. 3, Edited by Bernhard Höke, Verlag Christian Grützmacher, Berlin, 1967. Via garadinervi.

Lord Nikon – capcop, via 16colo.rs.


Amiga ASCII by Dipswitch, just released as txt and png.

ASCII art cover by Super Quiet for Groove magazine, 2017.

CBM 8032 AV by Robert Henke (Monolake) with Anna Tskhovrebov. An audiovisual performance by five computers from 1980, that premiered last month. More CBM/PET-stuff can be found here. Photos by Mihály Podobni & renders by Alma Steinberg.

C-64 PETSCII-logos by Shine, 2017-2019.

Murals by DXTR 2017-2018.

Various works by DXTR 2017-2018.