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Ad campaign by thjnk for the German teletext service ARDText when it celebrated 33 years in 2014. They also made teletexttheworld.com that converted uploaded photos to teletext graphics.

More images in an older post.

ASCII Art Archive by Jiyoung Kim, 2023. Illustrates the most searched questions for 2022 with ASCII art by AsH / BoD / bug (Blazej Kozlowski) / cgmm / Colin Douthwaite / dp (David Palmer) / ejm97 / Grp / hectoras / hh / hjw (Hayley Jane Wakenshaw) / jgs (Joan Stark) / joil’99 / LGB (lgbeard) / LS (Lennert Stock) / mx (myflix) / Normand Veilleux / pjb (Peter Bier) / pb / Shimrod / Snd (Shanaka Dias) / SSt (Sebastian Stöcker) / Susie Oviatt / S@yaN / Tua Xiong / TwelveStepJesus / Valkyrie / VK (Veronica Karlsson).

From Sieben Theile Wohlriechender Lebens-Früchte by Georg Weber, 1649. Pattern poetry like this was very common in Germany at the time, but it was unusual to collect several ones in one publication. Also see this.

The results are in for the First International Computer Drawn Dragon Contest, 1979! These are all PETSCII-graphics made on the Commodore PET. The winner, Tom Weller from Berkeley, California, typed these graphics by hand as PRINT statements in BASIC. The other contributions were made by Steve and Tom Wuttke, 9 and 12 years old.

From Recreational Computing Vol 8, Issue 43, November 1979.

F Like France, possibly by Marylene Delbourg-Delphis. Minitel graphics with custom characters (DRCS) on a Honeywell Videotex System. Published here in 1988.

By Timm Ulrichs, published in Anthologie zur Visuelle Poesie, 1968.

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Made by Jens Jørgen Hansen, 2015. Photos from his Flickr, via.

Cyrillic ASCII art (КОИ-7 art, more correctly) by Eric Furst, 2021-2022. Uses overstriking, ie printing characters on top of each other. More here.