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Text labyrinth in buginese from 1794, via. Buginese is spoken by millions of people in Indonesia. ᨄᨘᨑᨊᨗᨀᨚᨆᨙᨋᨉᨙᨄ

Jindai moji, supposedly used in Japan in the 17th century, via @tkasasagi.

Text graphics from 1763 . Free positioning of characters to make illustrations, instead of using woodcuts. From the book Medical observations and inquiries / by a Society of physicians in London.

h/t: Daryl Green

Sampler by E. Philips (1761) from the book “”Samplers and Tapestry Embroideries” by Marcus Bourne Huish (The Project Gutenberg)

Juan Díaz Rengifo, “Aquinas” Arte Poetica Española” Barcelona, 1726

Sebastien Truchet, ‘Mémoire sur les Combinaisons’ from ‘Mémoires de l’Academie Royale des Sciences‘ Paris, 1704.

Sebastian Truchet worked with typography and textmode graphics in the 1700s, n00bz! He also designed weapons and most of the channels of France.

Made in Valencia around 1770. Also check out Daniel Rehn’s rework with an 80’s dot matrix printer. More similar things here.

The Bear by Johann Leonhard Frisch around 1700. Source