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White Star Letter Combination from Palmer & Rey. Unknown date. via

Memorial made with typographic ornament, 1870s or 80s. Apparently, this is called a typotecture by some historians (type + architecture). via

Adapter Mono, a monospaced variable font by Rosetta, 2024. Weight, slant and italicization (!?) can be modified, which is unusual for a monspaced font. It is pan-European and has characters for text graphics. Rosetta offers other variable fonts, supporting many other scripts.

via TYPE01

De la Lorraine animation for Musée de la Cour d’Or by Philippe Apeloig, 2004.

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Algol (1970 and Textum 2 (1973) by Miroljub Todorović (Мирољуб Тодоровић), who founded the signalist movement.

Works by Nigel Cottier from his Instagram. h/t: TYPE01

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By Ou Zhang, 2023. From cloud.cb (野雲).

Postcodes around London by Nigel Cottier since 2019. From his Instagram. Similar to his Letter Variations fonts.

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