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In Utero, by David Černý, 2013. Photos from here.

Wind display – painted plastic plates blowing in the wind. Made by Dušan Váňa in 2015. h/t: Ailadi


Skeletons and Candlesticks

petscii conversion with Playscii

two versions … look for the hearts

It’s so much PETSCII that it’s almost not PETSCII anymore.

Dead computer, burning flame. By Lawrence Wells 2015.

Monitor and Skull. PETSCII-animation by Lawrence Wells, 2014.

A lot of flags are easy to copy in textmode. But some of them have really nailed the textmode style: Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, China (at sea), Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Greece, USA, St Vincent & the Grenadines and Tonga (at sea). Via.