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By Jiří Kolář, mid-1960s. From Typewriter Art.

Adapter Mono, a monospaced variable font by Rosetta, 2024. Weight, slant and italicization (!?) can be modified, which is unusual for a monspaced font. It is pan-European and has characters for text graphics. Rosetta offers other variable fonts, supporting many other scripts.

via TYPE01

The Czech TV-channel Prima had quite a particular style for their teletext, before it shut down in 2020. They had three teletext channels, which were all available online: Prima, Prima Cool and Prima Love (later renamed Prima Krimi).

The Teletext museum has older examples (from 2002 or earlier). Note that the Czech characters are not shown correctly.

L’enseigne de Gersaint by Jiří Kolář, 1966. Each page is titled after a person, like Albers, Dubuffet, Kandinsky, Kemeny, Klee, Malevich, Miró, Schwitters and Tinguely. All pages available here.

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Teletext decoder test on national Czech TV, Česká Televize, 2024. One in ten Czechs accessed ČT1 teletext in 2009, according to this report. ČT announced a new teletext service in 2010 and launched “HD teletext” (HbbTV) the following year, while still keeping the oldschool one.

BB – a demo for Unix and DOS made by four Czech teenagers in 1997: Jan Hubicka, Kamil Toman, Mojmir Svoboda and Filip Kupsa. They made a notorious library for ASCII-conversion, AA-lib, which was later used for example in Hasciicam and VLC (see Wikipedia). They also made Aview that lets you browse the web in ASCII, ASCII-3D-2000 that creates stereogram ASCII, and more. It’s a similar spirit to the ASCII Art Ensemble.

From here.

In Utero, by David Černý, 2013. Photos from here.

Wind display – painted plastic plates blowing in the wind. Made by Dušan Váňa in 2015. h/t: Ailadi


Skeletons and Candlesticks

petscii conversion with Playscii

two versions … look for the hearts

It’s so much PETSCII that it’s almost not PETSCII anymore.