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Pr0n stuff from the Croatian teletext service NOVA ca 2015, from here.

Made by Jens Jørgen Hansen, 2015. Photos from his Flickr, via.

Wind display – painted plastic plates blowing in the wind. Made by Dušan Váňa in 2015. h/t: Ailadi

From H7′s Amiga ASCII collection Jungle Fever, 2015.

One part of IDN by Jodi. It’s net art that looks like concrete poetry and acts as a critique of international domain name standards. Or something. (Although Unicode is supported nowadays, all domain names are still ASCII beneath the surface.) Read more about it here.

Drew by mattmatthew.

Monkey Business. Amiga ASCII by Zefyros.

Jennifer Daniel’s ASCII-illustration for the New York Times (November 2015) and a typewriter piece. More here and on http://ift.tt/1M83XHw

Amiga ASCII by Lord Nikon.