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Works by Rolf Harder and Ernst Roch published between 1963 and 1989. Images via Design Reviewed, MOMA, AGI, Kind Company and Graphis.

Peter Ström from Konst & Teknik has designed for the ISSUES gallery using no less than 57 fonts, which has earned him an FIU award for stupid records. h/t: Roel Nieskens

The logotype of Football Association of Iceland, designed by Brandenburg. It consists of a dragon, a bull, a griffin and a giant within a diamond shaped design. Read more.

Works by Andre Krayewski (Andrzej Krajewski), 1970s and 1980s. h/t Marcin Przyłęcki.

Various works by DXTR 2017-2018.

Hansje van Halem‘s visual identity for the Dutch festival Lowlands.

Works by MuirMcNeil, a British design agency.