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Graffiti-inspired ANSI and ASCII by Smooth (5m), 2020-2021. Some of these have unusually high resolution (160-255 chars wide). via sixteencolors

MZ-700 graphics made in 2020 by Ugeo, who writes about each image here.

Chaos Movie by BIT8, 2020. This is actually text-mode, although a very enhanced one. It uses the German videotex standard BTX that has several character sets/fonts and allows 94 customized characters (in multiple colours) and various effects, useful for animation. The CEPT videotex standard was modelled on BTX.

The animation runs on a Commodore 64 using an official BTX-peripheral, which is basically a little computer in itself.

Chafa by Hans Petter Jansson converts images and video to text for terminals. We posted about it before but there are new example images that demonstrates how e.g colour and character sets affect the results.


16 colours, compatible with many terminals

24-bit colour

2 default terminal colours and allows control codes for inverted characters.

240 fixed colours

No colours, no control.


ASCII-fill (16 colours)

Braille fill (16 colours)

No fill (16 colours)

More examples and info

Examples from clankill3r’s P5 Terminal Graphics, which uses the terminal to show things programmed in Processing.

The logotype of Football Association of Iceland, designed by Brandenburg. It consists of a dragon, a bull, a griffin and a giant within a diamond shaped design. Read more.

By Mònica Losada using Excel and an online cross-stitch pattern generator. From her Instagram.

ASCII Moiré Explorer, by Andreas Gysin 2020. Real-time version and code available here.

Nancy Middlebrook: Norway #3. via garadinervi

ANSI by Discofunk 1974, taken from a great new pack from Lazarus.