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De la Lorraine animation for Musée de la Cour d’Or by Philippe Apeloig, 2004.

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Archistorm Hors-Série #39 designed by Philippe Apeloig, 2019.

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ATASCII-works by pépé, 2021-2023.

AMCROC by Christwoballs, 2021. AMSCII in 20×25 textmode for the Amstrad CPC. Competed in Amstrad ASCII Compo 2021.

A very sheep game by Adel Faure, 2022 using his Jgs font. And a very cheap gif. Runs in the browser. More posts.

“Working on a new textmode editor… again”. Adel Faure, 2023 from his ko-fi. The tool is called Textor and is available online here.

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The cover of the French Le Charivari magazine 27 February, 1834. It is pear-shaped because the magazine’s owner, Charles Philipon, had been taken to court for depicting king Louis-Philippe I as a rotting pear. Ironically, the king had just previously proclaimed the freedom of the press and lost the case.

Image and info, via Wikipedia