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The Pink Man in Green by SaMM/WiL (1999)
[TPMIG-MB.ZZT] – $_/~ VisuoFunctional Spectrum _/~
Download / Explore pmig.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Acid logo by Cleaner, 1999.


Merry f’n Chrismas by Ibuki (1999)
[FUKNXMAS.ZZT] – :;color kit lemmer tk vblegh
Download / Explore fuknxmas.zip on the Museum of ZZT
Play on Archive.org

Chrono Wars 12. DOS-game, 1999.

#darkdigital: the sim, a DOS-game from 1999. Playable on archive.org.

The original emoji set, made by Shigetaka Kurita for DoCoMo in 1999 (top image, now in MOMA). The other images are from the 2001-version, which Monica recently turned into a font that you can use for free.

Viking Shoppers by Gibson & Martelli 1999. A performance/installation with live dance and ASCII-cameras.

More infomore video.

Instant ASCII Camera by Vuk Ćosić, 1999. via mfortki

Also check Atari’s Compugraph (1976), this camera/printer feedback loop and other conversions.

VTG-01 – a low-budget kit to overlay text on video. Just plug in an IBM keyboard and you were good to go in 1999.

Made by David L. Jones.

DOS Tracks by :) (aka Uwe Schmidt, Atom TM, etc), 1999. Designed by Linger Decoree, which seems to be another alias for Uwe Schmidt.