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ASCII by Rowan Crawford (Row), 1993-1994.

Devious Dezigns, Amiga ASCII logo in Shaman by Dvize, 1990s.

Cee u next Tuesday by Aesthetic of Blocktronics, 2022.

PETSCII-works by James, using his own lvllvl editor that runs in the browser. It even supported 3D and had its own C64 music editor back in the day. RIP. Hope you liked our little demo for you. <3

Microtex 666 (1986-1989) was a videotex service on the Australian network Viatel, where it was the only service to cater specifically to computer users in 1986. It featured telesoftware (downloadable software for free or at a cost), lists of BBSs (not on videotex), programming resources, the turnbased multiplayer game Great Galactic Conflict (updated weekly) and a bulletin board called Blackboard. While other Viatel boards were apparently moderated by hand, Microtex automatically removed obscenities and updated the pages every 15 minutes during peak hours.

The brand was also used for a hardware/software bundle for dial-up services (videotex, BBS, etc). C64, DOS, Apple II and BBC Micro were supported.

Source: Viatel Directory and Magazine Vol 4, 1986.

Andrew Strauss, 2023/2024.

Textmode works by Dwimmer, 2021-2022.

1 year of PETSCII-bots in 4,5 seconds by Cal Skuthorpe.

By Ray Manta, @datad00r, using his own Circlex charset, now available in Retrospecs.