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By RikRok Keech, 1993. The blocky ASCII-style was less common than line-based ASCII on Usenet in 1993, as far as I’ve seen. Keech uses negative space, which sets these works apart even more. On the other hand, portraying animals fit right into 1990’s Usenet.

(I’m assuming this was published on Usenet, but not sure?)

ASCII by Rowan Crawford (Row), 1993-1994.

262 (aka Technodemo) by Limbo, 1993. They made more Amiga demos with PETSCII.

Microsoft Font Assistant (1993), via

Chemins by Henri Chopin, 1993. via garadinervi

Hamnet was an IRC-theater, first performed in 1993 by 18 people. Read the script here. More at Wikipedia.

Nataraja. Painting by Bridget Riley, 1993.

In Attendence, painted by Bridget Riley 1993.

The Art Of Computer Designing: A Black and White Approach (June 1993) by Osamu Sato, who later made LSD Dream Emulator for Playstation. Via http://ift.tt/16J3jDK

From Description Design 5.0 by Skin & Amblin (1993)