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ANSi art featured in recent episode of “Mr. Robot”. The logo was created by Zalt many many years ago to the intro screen of Bitch-X IRC Client. Thanks to Rad MaN for pointing it out.

And btw, these days Zalt makes music as Rymdkraft.

1990′s IRC ANSI by Redmoon who writes:

Special thanks to Sennaxtor, of #Colorexpress & Patches of #Mirc_Rainbow, on Undernet and Dalnet, for helping convert these into jpg’s.

ASCII Pumper, a program from 2007 to colorize ASCII art for IRC.

ANSI art on IRC by rebel, steakie, swt1, jazzman, sher, dale, etc. From Pixel Patchwork: “Quilting in Time” Online by Brenda Danet, 2004.

Hamnet was an IRC-theater, first performed in 1993 by 18 people. Read the script here. More at Wikipedia.

<mthw>, via.