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Grão, Details of a Larger Nature by Pedrita, 2007.

Pavilhão by Pedrita, 2016.

Lost and Found by Pedrita, 2018.

Also see this.

Computer Poetry by Silvestre Pestana, consists of three poems. Computer Poetry To: E. Melo e Castro (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Henry Chopin (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Julian Beck (ZX Spectrum, 1983).

Here is the third one in action, running on a ZX Spectrum emulator, courtesy of oficinastk.

The work was also featured in a more recent exhibition by the artist (techno-form, 2016).

Read more here.

Two sort of textmodey place brands: Turkey and the city of Porto.


Stamps with abstract flags designed by MAAN. More at World Cup Stamps.

Lisbon’s tiles photographs by Bless Ltd

ASCII knotwork by Kreelah.

Art is a Tool – Use it by Carla Cruz (2007).

Pato mudo by Pedrita. Tile panel for Projecto Travessa da Ermida in Lisboa, 2012.

Emo & Tick by Rita Sá. Animation series mostly from 2010-2011 but also 2021-2022.

(post updated in 2024)

SKIN – Pavilion of Knowledge. Lisbon, Portugal, 2010.