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Turkish teletext pages shown after hours on Show TV, taken from this video from 1997. Thanks to Hain for figuring out the date.

Halis Biçer, 1972.

Emin Barin, 1970s

Emin Barin and Halis Biçer started to make square kufic calligraphy with Latin letters in the 1970s. Most, if not all, square kufic were previously in Arabic. Barin was inspired by the younger Biçer, according to Enis Tan’s PhD thesis, A study of Kufic script in Islamic calligraphy and its relevance to Turkish graphic art using Latin fonts in the late twentieth.

Xerxes I inscription by Van Castle in Turkey, ca 470 BCE. A cuneiform inscription in Old Persian, Elamite and Babylonian.

PETSCII-work by Haydi Roket. (Click if it doesn’t animate)

Big ASCII print in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by James Athurman.

Two sort of textmodey place brands: Turkey and the city of Porto.


Kayseri Kilims from Anatolia, via

PETSCII animations by Haydi Roket, who we’ve posted about earlier.

PETSCII-animations by Haydi Roket, 2014. (Original source links broken)

PETSCII-burgers by haydiroket.