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Halis Biçer, 1972.

Emin Barin, 1970s

Emin Barin and Halis Biçer started to make square kufic calligraphy with Latin letters in the 1970s. Most, if not all, square kufic were previously in Arabic. Barin was inspired by the younger Biçer, according to Enis Tan’s PhD thesis, A study of Kufic script in Islamic calligraphy and its relevance to Turkish graphic art using Latin fonts in the late twentieth.

Calcula by Shiva Nallaperumal and Tal Leming, 2017. A square kufic typeface that has thousands of ligatures to change the letter according different combinations.

Some archeologists now suggest that the vikings were heavily inspired by islam and made their own Arabic square kufic script. Read more here.



The two first images is from an app that displays time, changing the labyrithic pattern each second (Bifurcan). The second one is a drawing app (Rafinograde).

Made by Devine Lu Linvega.

Square kufic works by Fatima Graham, via. Longstitch, embroidery and needlepoint.

Square Kufic from Free Islamic Calligraphy

Kufic Tiles, via