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Woven Navajo rug with a pictorial bird design, from here. Estimated to be mid 1900s.

Rugs by Inigo Elizalde.

Kayseri Kilims from Anatolia, via

Rug by Pierre Cardin, Origin: Spain, Circa: Early 20th Century, via

Art Deco Kilim, India, Circa: Early 20th Century, 1930, via.

gula trädet (the yellow tree), Marianne Richter 1945

Manhattan by Ingrid Dessau (1953)

Rug design by L H de Konick, produced in 1923

Signe Asplund, “Grönköpings vapen” (1930s), via.

Rugs and dhurries by Inigo Elizalde, from his COLLECTION III series. Photos from COVER. More pictures on his website.