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Computer Poetry by Silvestre Pestana, consists of three poems. Computer Poetry To: E. Melo e Castro (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Henry Chopin (ZX81, 1981), Computer Poetry To: Julian Beck (ZX Spectrum, 1983).

Here is the third one in action, running on a ZX Spectrum emulator, courtesy of oficinastk.

The work was also featured in a more recent exhibition by the artist (techno-form, 2016).

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ZX 81 Image Maker by Refresh Creations LTD (2006)

Journey man nº3 ZX81 print out by Lee Osborne via 8oo8oo8.

Sinclair ZX81 (1981) character set, via.

This video shows a ZX81-program along with a song by Chris Sievey. The song was released on 7”, and the program was on the B-side. When you recorded the B-side to tape and loaded it with the ZX81, you got this video. More info.

Btw – the ZX81 turned 31 years old yesterday!